For Vengeance

After the group defeated a small group of bandits, they proceeded to interrogate the lingering elf girl. It was revealed that she was the lover of Farmer Joe’s eldest son, Lonk, an ex-bandit and felt it was her duty to protect farmer Joe from the bandits.

As Darken explained, it is illegal for elves to mate with humans, resulting in her inevitable exile. Rag’Nara also revealed that the crystal originally belonged to her task force, and the bandits would go to great lengths to steal it once again.

Abruptly in the middle of the night, 10 more bandits attacked – with a Merc gone rogue at their side. After a fierce battle, Tuscan and Madame use their unique talents to force answers out of him, but only manage to discover that an infamous bandit king named Jamie is planning an attack on Northbury Castle with a huge army of bandits carrying bazookas.



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