Elven Spellslinger Mercenary


Race : Elf Sex : Female Height : 5’11" Weight : 101 lbs Age : 54
Hair Color : Black, but with yellow blonde dye Eyes : Electric Blue Other Features : Scar over nose


Darken grew up in the inner circle of the elven nation oddly without any siblings despite being an elf. Her mother worked as a doctor at the hospital where she employing healing magic to aid her patients, while her father was a high commander in warfare and a master of lightning magic. It came to no surprise to her parents that she was born with innate magical abilities, although what they could not foresee was that hers were stronger than average.

Darken nearly died at a very young age due to the elven curse. She did not understand the laws of magic and what the price it would take on her body. While this was normal for most elves, because she had more powerful magic at her fingertips the results were far worse for her. Because her father was part of the military, they were able to implant one of the crystals in her chest in order to save her, long before an elf her age would ever receive a crystal due to how dangerous it is to implant one in such a small child. Miraculously, she survived, but her magic abilities still took a heavy toll on her body. It was diagnosed that she would have a similar attack later on in life, and at that point, the crystal’s power would not be able to save her again.

In order to prevent this, her father devised a way to make it so that she would not cause a magic overload within her body by teaching her to channel her magic through an object instead. That way, if anything should go wrong, her own body would not face the consequences. This turned out to be a great success, and she slowly began to learn how to do it through multiple objects. This also benefited her father’s research, for her was always constantly trying to experiment with new techniques that could be used with magic, and since his daughter was capable of doing so, other elves might be able to too. He eventually allowed her to use a gun to channel her magic through, which became an even greater success. He was tasked to see if the human invention of firearms could be integrated with the elven military and his daughter’s own progress was proof that one day, using magic through magical firearms could become a reality if handled properly.

As she grew older, her latent magical abilities became more developed. While her mother used healing magic, she found that she could not emulate it’s effects whatsoever, especially not through her gun. She inherited more of her father’s power, using the elements instead. However, unlike her father, she found she could use any element with ease. She found it fun to twist existing elements to a different one through her power. No element was foreign to her, but she still preferred lightning above all else. Even through she could use any element, she preferred lighting, since it was the magic her father had taught her and had studied himself. She wanted to continue down his path more than anything.

When she came of age, she joined the military. Unfortunately, by doing so she caused the greatest tragedy to befall her family. After her first real battle, she found that the thrill of a conflict was amazing and going beyond the elven borders too great a feeling. She wanted to go on her own adventures and fight anything that might be a challenge to her, and going without a fight for too long or being cooped up for extended periods of time caused her to lash out. She was also far too proud of her ability to morph and wield any element of magic, and that got to her head. She felt it unnecessary for her to train long hours with the veterans, often times snapping back at her superiors when they tried to right her and even starting fights with anyone she could find. Many times she was reprimanded and disciplined, but that never stopped her. Her parents took a lot of the responsibility for her actions too. Her mother was given every patient she caused to end up there, causing her to be overworked, and her father was demoted several times due to his inability to control her. Eventually they had enough of her ways, constantly having their own men sent to the hospital from her brazen behavior and decided it was time to exile her.

When the time came to do so, however, this caused a great devastation to befall many. They stripped her of all weapons and any sort of ways to recognize her. As per customs, anyone exiled from the Queendom has their shield from the elven curse removed. When they did this, Darken was unprepared for the sudden rush of pain that hit her body. Her magic that she had been suppressing through objects went out of control, and with nothing to contain it, caused everything to spill out at once. Anyone within the vicinity was struck by powerful elemental force erupting from her body, killing anyone who was too close. Her mother was also present and killed by this catastrophe, as well as many higher up elves. Her father however, since he has been around this magic his whole life, was able to withstand it longer, and was able to calm down his daughter before things got too out of hand. He handed her his gun, which she was then able to control her magic once again through. As a last act in order to help her, he managed to bond his own life with her crystal, acting as her new shield from the pain. While it would continue to suppress the pain she feels when using any form of magic, it could no longer be traced by the elves for he should not be bonded with it at all. After this, however, he fell into a coma from the amount of pain and damage he suffered, and to this day, is still trapped within one between the realms of life and death.

Since she was the only survivor, she had to leave the Queendom, as everything that had happened would be blamed on her and would result in her execution. Now without a home, she had nowhere else to but the human lands. Luckily enough for her, she managed to find a mercenary guild to hole up with and work for. She refused to give her last name, only allowing people to know her first name, just in case elven spies were about and were still hunting her. Since she had done similar work before, working as a mercenary did not bother her, and the looks others gave did not even hang on her conscious since she had put up with worse all her life. She began working in order to live there, which she did not mind, for it allowed her to experience the adventure she had always wanted.

However, she did learn from her past mistakes. She learned how to suppress herself when not out on a job or fighting something. Foods with an intense taste took the loads of her mind, and reduced her to a much more lazed attitude. She is particularly fond of the human treat, Flavor Sticks, which are extremely sweet, even through they are a snack meant for children. She also likes very spicy food, or extremely sour fruits. Anything that was intense, she would have it and would find her urges to fight or do anything brazen would fade.

While out on a mission, she was rewarded a necklace with a crystal on it. She found that with that on, the pain was lessened, and she was able to cast spells without channeling it through her gun. Although possible, she wants to mitigate any chance of another incident, so she still channels her magic through her gun. After doing a few missions though, she found that what her father had done to save her had another lasting effect. Since his magic was used to bond himself, the crystal now holds a layer of lighting magic. While she is able to use any element at her disposal, she now found that lightning did not expend as much energy for her to create, and has now integrated this benefit into her own spells.


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