For Vengeance

Ramshorn Farm
Part II

After the group defeated a small group of bandits, they proceeded to interrogate the lingering elf girl. It was revealed that she was the lover of Farmer Joe’s eldest son, Lonk, an ex-bandit and felt it was her duty to protect farmer Joe from the bandits.

As Darken explained, it is illegal for elves to mate with humans, resulting in her inevitable exile. Rag’Nara also revealed that the crystal originally belonged to her task force, and the bandits would go to great lengths to steal it once again.

Abruptly in the middle of the night, 10 more bandits attacked – with a Merc gone rogue at their side. After a fierce battle, Tuscan and Madame use their unique talents to force answers out of him, but only manage to discover that an infamous bandit king named Jamie is planning an attack on Northbury Castle with a huge army of bandits carrying bazookas.

Ramshorn Farm
Part I

As BoBoBeJoBo hides somewhere in a dumpster, the rest of the group decides to take off in a caravan towards Ramshorn Valley.

The group arrives and are surprised to find out that Farmer Joe has somehow held off hordes of bandits by his lonesome in a poorly set up sniper coop. They quickly determine the location and reason for the bandits persistent attacks – a large well crafted blue glowing gem, buried beneath the earth in order to aid the growth of his crops (an otherwise inhospitable environment).

Preparing for the bandits attack, Darken and Velvet discover an intruder in the attic above them and convince her not to flee – Julie finds time to take a nap.

The group fights off the bandits relatively easily and unharmed, while one bandit makes it out alive.

Darken looks forward to interrogating her temporary ally.

The Shattered Mug
Alaysian Bar

The recently formed group of MERCS walk into a local bar, one they have been many times before. Tables full of crooked criminals and wicked warriors line the bar – familiar faces can be seen throughout. A wall of hard alcohol and wines fill the east side behind the bar, as a bard plays simple music on the stage at back. Bartender Taurus looks nervous, and doesn’t greet the group like he normally would.

The group notices Hector Lynch, a large man with an eye patch and a long coat, having a heated argument with a couple of suits sitting at a booth. The group decides to split up into three, trying to complete the following objectives: Darken, Tuscan and Julie sit at a nearby booth hoping to hear the details of the argument, while Madame Velvet sits across the room and observes the details – BoBoBeJoBo however, winds up fighting a bar stool.

As the argument continues, everyone in the room is suddenly disarmed by a mythical woman known only as Agent Alice.

When the music stops, a bard captures the attention of Madame Velvet and invites the group downstairs for further conversation – but to the groups dismay, BoBoBeJoBo decides to retrieve the ledger given to Hector Lynch, only to fight himself hiding from danger in a dumpster empty-handed.

The group winds up downstairs behind a secret wall, and selecting their newest MERC contract – saving farmer Joe from a gang of bandits.


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